Insight iDocs helps turn your pitches into deals by streamlining the development and delivery of client-facing content

You know the drill. You’ve just landed a meeting with a prospective new client, but you don’t have a lot of time to prepare. “No problem,” you say. “I’ll just tweak the pitch I gave to a similar client last month.”

But now you can’t find many of the pitch materials, and what you can find has broken links to your research graphs that will take a long time to fix. You thought the files were stored securely on a file share, but it turns out that some were accidentally erased by one of your colleagues. Now your prospect is at risk, and all because you don’t have the file management in place that would have bought you precious time.

COSI Insight iDocs is the solution you need to easily manage your important client-facing content. iDocs grew out of COSI Consulting’s work with Fortune 500 firms to develop standard practices for managing and monitoring content produced in the pitch and deal process. iDocs is built on an industrial-strength content management system, but unlike other document management applications iDocs is simple and intuitive. It integrates directly into the desktop tools you already know and use – Windows Explorer, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office – and is easily configured to the specific needs of any organization.

Insight iDocs Features
Manage Clients
  • Tag and organize client information with consistent metadata and standardized folder structures.

  • Integrate with customer master databases.

  • Configure dynamic security rules based on status attributes, product types, industry segmentation and more.

Manage Pitches & Deals
  • Track deal content in secure workspaces associated with individual or multiple clients.

  • Leverage predefined deal information from 3rd party CRM systems.

  • Integrate charts & graphs from research tools like Bloomberg, Factset and Capital IQ.

  • Implement Chinese wall policies.

Manage Content
  • Use powerful search and navigation to quickly find and filter content.

  • Maintain a complete audit trail of all content activities.

  • Access all content through familiar desktop tools.