Windows Explorer Integration
  • Navigate a content management store as a mapped drive in Windows.

  • Open, edit, and save content from any desktop application.

  • Import documents and emails into the content repository as easily as dragging and dropping between directories.

  • Full support for keyboard shortcuts in Windows Explorer.

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Microsoft Office & Outlook Integration
  • Manage check-in/check-out, versioning, and document metadata directly from Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

  • Compare multiple versions of the same document with a built-in comparison tool.

  • Import emails and attachments directly into the content repository.

  • Use Outlook to search for and view emails that were previously saved.

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Import & Export
  • Drag and drop support enables content to be easily copied from any connected drive to the mapped drive for the content management system.

  • Content can be exported if needed as an email attachment or sent through enterprise communication tools.

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  • Easily bookmark frequently accessed documents and folders.

  • Quickly access the most recently used 100 files without having to navigate the entire repository.

  • Drag folders from the repository to Windows Explorer “Favorites” so they can be accessed directly as a favorite in any application.

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  • Full text content search is integrated into the Windows Explorer interface and allows robust searching across the entire repository in a fraction of the time it takes for a traditional Windows based search.

  • Support for metadata based search and simple Windows filename searches.

  • Powerful templates allow for saved searches, filtering and faceted search.

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Advanced file linking
  • Leverage 3rd party add-ins from Factset, Bloomberg, and Capital IQ to link charts, graphs and other objects into Office documents.

  • Automatically manage source document relocation and source path renaming without breaking existing document links.

  • Automatically update linked content to the latest version of a source file without manually re-linking.

  • Link files with paths longer than the traditional Windows limit of 260 characters.

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Silent Check-out/Check-in
  • Optional configuration that can hide the check-in/check-out process from a user.

  • Asynchronous content transfer uploads and downloads content to the repository without user interaction.

  • Eliminates long delays in saving large files to a Windows network based file share and allows users to continue working without interruption.

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Metadata Inheritance
  • Inherit metadata values, such as client name or project name, from a parent folder to a child folder or object.

  • Automatically populate metadata when moving content between folders.

  • Simplify the process and effort for users creating content.

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ECM Security awareness
  • Insight supports and adheres to the security configuration of the underlying content management platform and ensures compliance with corporate policies by leveraging pre-existing security roles.

  • Configuration options allow finer grained control of security permissions where allowed by corporate policy.

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XML Configuration
  • XML based configuration allows complete control over the behavior and functionality of Insight.

  • Easily manage lifecycle of application development by exporting configuration from development and test environments.

  • Support individual configuration for multiple repositories to achieve maximum flexibility.

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