COSI Insight makes content management simple and intuitive by turning Windows Explorer, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office into full-featured clients for Documentum 

You know that a content management system makes sense for your organization.  Without one, your important business documents get “lost in the wild”, exposing you to the risk of security and compliance failures. There’s just one little problem – the user experience for managing content is too cumbersome.  Users avoid the extra burden, and without their cooperation your content management initiatives grind to a halt.  

To realize the elusive goal of broad user adoption, content management has to be dead simple.  But simplicity itself isn’t enough – users need to be delighted and empowered, to have their daily routine made more productive. The wait for easy and productive content management is finally over. COSI Insight transforms content management from a nuisance task into an experience that users will love.

Why COSI Insight?
Accelerates User Adoption
  • Simplifies content management by integrating it directly into the tools your users are already using: Windows Explorer, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

  • Enables all the content management features your users need most: check-in/check-out, editing properties, versioning, sending links, comparing documents, recycle bin, full-text and attribute search, and more.

  • Frees up user time and makes their jobs easier by automating routine content management tasks, like classifying and tagging content, tracking versions and renditions, and updating links between documents.

Protects Your Valuable Information
  • Broader user adoption ensures compliance with your corporate policies for governance and security.

  • Fine grained access control and audit trails eliminate the risk associated with traditional file shares.

  • New policies can be easily configured and quickly deployed with minimal training and disruption.

Drives More Value From Your Content
  • Makes your organizational knowledge easier to find with powerful and intuitive search and browse, directly from the desktop.

  • Preserves links to embedded charts and graphs from research tools like Factset, Bloomberg, and CapitalIQ, even when files are moved.

  • Increases the ROI from your content initiatives by fully leveraging your Documentum infrastructure, including compatibility with D2, Webtop, TaskSpace, xPlore, Content Transformation Services, and Branch Office Caching Services.

  • Quickly deployed with ready-to-go solutions for Legal, Banking and File Share Replacement.